Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kiddo Patito's First Pet

     Once upon a time Kiddo Patito asked if he could get a pet. His parents asked "What kind of pet?" Kiddo Patito replied "A hamster!" and his parents said "Yes!". So they went to the pet store in their veggiemobile.
     So first they picked out the cage, Kiddo Patito picked out the blue medium size one, and a tube, and a ball for the hamster to run around in. Then they got the food, and lots of other cool hamster stuff. Finally they picked out the hamster. It was very very cute, she was 6 months old, she is light brown, and about 2 inches big. The guy at the pet store told Kiddo Patito " She is very shy, she loves to run on her wheel at night, and loves to run around in her ball, she goes everywhere! You have to be careful and not let her go inside the house because she is quick and can find lots of places to hide."
   Kiddo Patito was so excited to go home in the veggiemobile.  When they got home they set up the hamster cage. When they were done Monkey Bobunky came over. Monkey Bobunky asked, "What is the hamsters name?". "I don't know yet." replied Kiddo Patito, "Want to help me come up with a name?". Monkey Bobunky said, "I already found a name! Smookums but for short Smooks!!" Kiddo Patito replied "I love it!"
    Kiddo Patito said "Let me go see if my Mommy can put her into the ball so she can run around in it!" His Mom said yes and put Smooks in the ball. She ran around in circles, and Kiddo Patito and Monkey Bobunky taught her a few tricks, like how to bowl!
   Kiddo Patito and Monkey Bobunky couldn't wait to see what new tricks she would learn.

The End!

Smooks in her ball

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kiddo Patito has a Baby Sister

Once upon a time in Potatoland, Kiddo Patito's mommy was having a baby!! Kiddo Patito was so excited that he got to name the baby. So he named her Sweetie Tata Patito. Kiddo Patito's parents loved it so did Monkey Bobunky. Monkey Bobunky came up with the name Sweetie, and Kiddo Patito thought of Tata. Kiddo Patito's parents wished upon a star for a baby girl and their wish came true. Once she was born, Kiddo Patito got to hold her, he thought that she was cute and shy. Kiddo Patito helped his Mommy take care of her.

The End

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kiddo Patito Meets Monkey Bobunky

Here is a story I wrote several months ago. I hope you enjoy! 

Once upon a time there was a potato named Kiddo Patito. He had a playground and he got to play with it every day after school.  One day while he was playing at his playground he heard a noise but thought it was his imagination, but it wasn’t his imagination.  It was a monkey.
Kiddo Patito asked “Who are you?”
The monkey replied “My name is Monkey Bobunky, what’s your name?”
“My name is Kiddo Patito, have you seen a purple hat anywhere?”  Kiddo Patito replied.
Monkey Bobunky replied “Yes, I have seen a purple hat is it yours?”
“Yes it is my lucky hat!” Kiddo Patito yelled while jumping up and down.
Monkey Bobunky asked “Why is it lucky?
“Because it brought us together.” Kiddo Patito replied.
“Oh!” Monkey Bobunky replied “That’s why it’s a lucky hat. Want to have some fun?”
“Yes” Kiddo Patito said. Then they both played on the swings, and then slid on the slide, and then the monkey bars.
Kiddo Patitio asked “Want to be best friends?”
“Yes” said Monkey Bobunky “we will be best friends forever!”

The End.

A Little About Myself

Hello, my name is Jaquelynn, for short Jaq, my favorite nickname is Jackolackolynn. I am just a kid, I am 6 years old, and getting ready for the first grade. I like ladybugs, I like to write stories about Kiddo Patito, he is a potato and his best friend is Monkey Bobunky. My favorite things to do are color, read, and do puzzles. I also like mysteries, and my favorite animals are elephants. I look forward to sharing Kiddo Patito stories and telling you all more about my adventures in the first grade.

Here is a little bit about Kiddo Patito and his family.
Kiddo Patito's dad is a Magician named Mr. Patito.
Kiddo Patito's mom is a business lady named Mrs. Patito.
Kiddo Patito has 2 brothers, twins, named Jackson and Emory.

Have a great week! Love Jaq