Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monkey Bobunkey's Baby Brother

Once upon a time in Veggieland Monkey Bobunkey's mom was going to have a baby.
Monkey Bobunkey was excited so was Kiddo Patito.

 Kiddo Patito told Monkey Bobunkey What it was like to have a younger sibling. "It is hard to have younger sibling, you don't get much attention and you have to help a lot. When they get older though they are lots of fun to play with."

 Just them Mama Bobunkey came home with baby.

"Hi, Mama" said Monkey Bobunkey. "Is the baby a boy or a girl?"

Mama answered "It's a boy!"

Monkey Bobunkey asked Mama "What is his name?"

 "Funky Bobunkey" answered Mama

 Monkey Bobunkey asked "Can I hold him?" Mama answered "Yes you can hold him. Go sit down by the tree so you can hold him."

 Monkey Bobunkey hugged her baby brother and told him "I love you Funky Monkey!"

 Mama said "Come on lets to pick up some stuff for your baby brother"

Mama, Monkey Bobunkey, Funky Bobunkey, and Kiddo Patito went to the Jungle Store.

Monkey Bobunkey asked Mama "Can we get this rattle for Funky Monkey?"

"Yes we can" said Mama "Lets see if Funky likes it!"

"Oooh oooh ahhh ahhh" said Funky Monkey

"I think he likes it" said Mama "Let's go home!"

The End!