Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fairy Sisters

Quick Message from Jaqabell

Hi everyone! I made this based off of my little sister Bex and me! I hope you enjoy it and look for  more fairy stories soon!

Have a great day!!

Fairy Sisters

Once upon a time there were two fairy sisters named Amy and Sarah, they lived in the magic forest. One day while Sarah was looking for Magic Acorns for breakfast she noticed there were none.

"Amy, do you know if we have any more Magic Acorns?" Sarah asked
Amy replied "No, we do not have anymore but I know where we can find some, Mountain Falls! Get dressed and we will go there this morning."

So Amy and Sarah got dressed and were ready to find some Magic Acorns.  So Amy and Sarah made a map to make sure they didn't get lost, they packed some blueberries  and grabbed their baskets.
Sarah said to Amy "Lets go!"

First they went through the Garden of Trees, and they found a scared kitten being chased by a hound dog.

The kitten yells to the fairies "Help, Help!"

So the fairies use their magic and say the magic words "By the power of the magic save that kitten!"
There was a force field around the kitten and the hound bounced on the kitten and then bounced off and yelled "I'll get you for this Callie just wait and see!"

The kitten told the fairies "Thank you how can i repay you, Muddy has been chasing me for a long time."

"Well" said the two sisters "You can help us find Magic Acorns and take them back to our home in the Magic Forest"

The kitten says "Ok, I am Callie the kitten what are your names?"

"I am Amy and this is my little sister named Sarah!" said Amy

"Hi Amy and Sarah nice to meet you! Where are we headed?" said Callie

"To Mountain Falls" replied Amy

At last they got to Mountain Falls, when they got there they saw the Magic Acorn tree!

"Look!" exclaimed Sarah "There it is!" As she flies towards the tree.

Amy flies after her and says "Wait, we have to pay Mr. Farmer Jack the blueberries!"

Just then they heard Muddy and Callie ran away.

"Mr. Farmer Jack Sir, can you please tell Muddy to please stop chasing our friend Callie the kitten. She is our friend and is scared of him!" Said Amy

Mr. Farmer Jack said "Since you asked so nicely and brought such tasty blueberries, then of course i will!  Muddy you leave that kitten alone right now!"

"Arf, arf, arf" whined Muddy

Amy, Sarah and Calle went to gather the Magic Acorns. Amy and Sarah put their baskets down on the ground, Callie ran up the tree and the three of them shook the branches and filled their baskets.

On the way out Mr. Farmer Jack said "Thank you, I hope you enjoy your Magic Acorns! See you next year!"

Amy tells Sarah "Lets take the Pixie Portal back home, its been a long day!"

Callie asked "Can I go home and live with you guys?"

"Of course!" said Amy

They all got home and had a wonderful meal of Magic Acorns.

The End!