Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kiddo Patito's First Day of First Grade

      Once upon a time it was a very exciting day for Kiddo Patito, the Patito Family, and Monkey Bobunky! The exciting day was the first day of First Grade at Shiny Elementary for Kiddo Patito and Monkey Bobunkey. Kiddo Patito and Monkey Bobunky were dancing with joy. They packed their lunches, put their backpacks on full of school supplies and lunch, had on new clothes and were off to school. Mrs. Patito took them to school and walked them to their class.
      Mrs. Patito introduced them to their teacher Mrs. Celery. Mrs. Celery showed them to their desks. Kiddo Patito and Monkey Bobunky were excited to see they were sitting next to each other. Kiddo Patito and Monkey Bobunky said "Hi" to the kids sitting next to them.  Next to Kiddo Patito was Middle Mittin who was in Kindergarten with Kiddo Patito. Monkey Bobunky was excited to see a friend from her old school, Jungle Elementary, named Missy Kitty! The bell rang and they started their day.
      The first thing they did was to take a tour, we started at the office, then to the Library, next to see the music room, cafeteria, then to the playground, they stopped at a yard of grass and sat down. Mrs. Celery told them that in this yard of grass you could only relax or read books. Then they went back to their class and did some classwork. Before they knew it it was time for recess, when they returned to class they did some more work. Then went to lunch where they ate ham and cheese sandwiches, grapes, cookies and  drank juice. When they were done eating they were dismissed they went to recess. When they went back to class they made a book about their first day of school. She gave them their homework which was to read for 10 minutes every school day and once a weekend. Before they knew it, it was time to go. They got on the bus and sat down. While on the bus they rested after the long and exciting day.
    When they got home Mrs. Patito had a snack ready. After they were done eating their snack they did their homework then went outside to play with Missy Kitty and Middle Mittin.
The End