Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monkey Bobunky goes to Ballet Class

    Once upon a time in Veggieland Monkey Bobunky was going to Ballet class. She had a beautiful tutu and and purple leotard. She was very excited it was her first day. She skipped all the way to class, when she walked in she saw her teacher, stopped and twirled. Her teacher introduced herself, "My name is Elephant Smellaphant, but you can call my Miss Elly"
They stretched and and watched Miss Elly show them some of the moves they would be learning. After Miss Elly was done she turned on some music and let the students dance around using the moves she just showed them. Monkey Bobunky had so much fun she could not wait to come back again next week.
The End

Jaqabell as Monkey Bobunky!

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