Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is a special day for my Daddy because it is his birthday!!  My Daddy is a soldier and is deployed overseas. I miss my daddy this is a special post for him and I am excited to share it with you.

Kiddo Patito's Daddy's Birthday
Once upon a time in Veggieland Kiddo Patito was very excited because it was his Daddy's Birthday! "Yipee woohoo!" shouted Kiddo Patito. "Today is my Daddy's Birthday! He is my hero!"

For Mr. Patito's birthday the Patito Family went to Veggieland Park where they had rides, a magic show starting the birthday man Mr. Patito, and lots of yummy food.

Kiddo Patito said "Lets go on fun birthday cake ride first! I heard we get hit with cakes on our face!" They line up to get on the ride it was a special ride just for them and Mr. Patito got a birthday cake hat! When they got off of the ride they were covered in cake!

Then it was time for the Magic Show the whole Patito family was part of the show! Mr. Patito said "Meet my family! I am Mr. Patito,  My Wife Mrs. Patito, my kids Kiddo Patito, Jackson, Emory, and the youngest of all Sweetie Patito! Now  my son Kiddo Patito and his best friend Monkey Bobunky are going to do a special trick with me!"

Kiddo Patito says "For our special trick with my Daddy we are going to saw him in half! This is my assistant Monkey Bobunkey to help me! Now I will put Daddy in the box!" Monkey Bobunkey locked the box.
Kiddo Patito said "Now for the sawing!" saw, saw, saw, saw, saw Monkey Bobunkey separated the box in half to show the audience. Monkey Bobunkey said "He is now a mashed potato!"

Mrs. Patito said "Let's put him back together now!"
Monkey Bobunkey put the box back together.
Kiddo Patito said the magic words "Awaa azoo Awaa aboing awwaaa boom!" Mr. Patito stood up and the audience clapped and said "Bravo!"

The Patito Family held hand and took a bow and said "Thank you, Thank you!"

Next it was time for the yummy food! Veggieland Park made a special birthday cake for Mr. Patito it was Spoonflambe! They all chowed down on the delicous cake and Mr. Patito said "This is the best Birthday ever!"

The End


  1. Wow! Great story Jaq! Thank you so much. I love and miss you a ton, can't wait to get back to see you!

    1. Thank you daddy I love you and miss you too can't wait to se you!