Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Spooky Story

It was a dark and stormy night in an old abandoned castle in Transylvania. The year was 1875 and a mad scientist could be heard evilly laughing inside. “Mwa hahahaha. Mwa hahahaha.” The laughing could be heard for miles. Or at least if someone else was around. Anyways, long story short the mad scientist named  Dr. M had just finished his monster. He named her Hadra (Hay-dra) after the Greek god Hades. He chose that name because she could melt things with her mind.
       In order for Hadra to melt things with her mind she needed to be smart. So Dr. M gave her a brain. He knew that since he may occasionally make Hadra mad, he made it so that she could not melt humans. This brain was a little messed up though. Dr. M made it so that she thought wrong was right vise versa. Do meant don’t and don’t meant do.
       A few tweaks later they were testing her listening abilities.  “Hadra, don’t bring me my water that is by your chair.” Dr. M commanded her. She brought it  “Bad Job!” He clapped as he said it. “Th… Th… thank you master.” She responded
        A couple hours later they were on their way to test out Hadra’s melting abilities when the monster stopped in front of the draw bridge. “What is right with you now?” Dr. M yelled. Hadra responded with an “Me like bridge. Bridge look safe”. She proceeded to melt the bridge. Dr. M was fueled by rage “Don’t look at what you have not done. You are acting like a great hero!!!!!”              
        They then went inside and unpacked. Dr. M locked Hadra in one of the many castle rooms and went back down to the basement. He locked the door behind him and went to work. He did not eat, sleep, or even check on Hadra for 12 hours. “I’m finally done!!! Now to test it out on Origin,” Origin   was the original prototype to Hadra. She could not speak, melt things, or run. His plan was to take her into the old yet sturdy greenhouse. He would test his new invention on her in their.
        Once Hadra was strapped to a chair to watch and Origin was weighted down so she couldn’t fly away, the mad scientist beheld his new invention “Behold, my new invention,” He held up a bottle that looks like a current day hairspray bottle. “Now you may understand it, so don’t let me explain. One drop of this and you will be stuck on the ground forever.” He then proceeded to spray Origin twice.
        It left a hairspray smell in the air and all it did was make it so Origin could not move. This was said to be the original hairspray. Dr. M then threw a huge temper tantrum. After he calmed down,   Dr. M locked them up and went back down to the basement. He said “Well that was very complicated. Maybe a little too complicated. That means that the simplest solution might be best.” He then went outside and tried to swim across the moat. Not even two feet out he almost got eaten by alligators.      
        Dr. M then realized that there might be such thing as too simple after hours of work he finally finished his bridge Right before he was about to cross the bridge something happened. George Smith woke up. “Woah, that was a weird dream.” He then fell back asleep.  

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