Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What Just Happened?1

Hi, I am Jessie Lux and I’m an author; but not just any author, a magical author. You might be thinking, “There is no such thing as a magical author;” but there is and I should know. This is how I found out I was magical author.
One day, I wrote a story titled “Escape”.  In “Escape” a baby named Lily found matches and set her crib in her room on fire. Lily escaped but her sister, Rea, got trapped and could not escape until the fire fighters came. Then the next day my little sister, Anay, set my room on fire and I could not get out until the fire fighters got there. When I read my story I realized that what happened to Rea had also happened to me, so I deleted the story. At first I figured it was a coincidence, but boy was I wrong.
Then I started to write a story, titled “Attacked”. In “Attacked” a girl named Lisa and her family went to the beach. Lisa went out into the water and started swimming by herself when a shark almost bit her. She was saved when the lifeguard pushed the shark away. The next week my family and I went to the beach for a weekend. I went swimming alone and you would never believe what happened. All of the sudden a shark came out of nowhere and almost bit me. Then the lifeguard came and pushed the shark out of the way. After we got home I read over my story again and realized that what happened to Lisa also happened to me.
I thought that the first time was a just a coincidence. But after the second time I realized that it wasn’t. For months I couldn’t get up the courage to write another story until one day I saw an ad in the newspaper that said:

For 9-11 year old Aspiring Authors
Adventure Stories
Must be own work

I read the ad over and over and finally decided that I should enter.
I decided to write “The Lost Girls”. In “The Lost Girls” a girl named Millie goes on a trip to lake with her family. Later she takes her sister, Sally, on a hike in the woods. In the middle of the hike it starts to get dark so they decide to turn back. When Millie tries to turn on the flashlight, it wouldn’t turn on. It took about an hour until their mom found them.
Over fall break my family went to the lake to go camping. When my sister, Anay wanted to go on a hike in the woods of course I had to take her. I was so nervous because of the story I had written, but I did not have any time to check the batteries in my flashlight before we went in the woods. After about 30 minutes it started to get dark. I said to Anay “ It’s getting dark. Lets go back to camp.” Then Anay said “Okay, lets turn back do you remember how to get back to camp? ” I replied “Of course I do I just need to find the Moose path.”
We tried to turn my flashlight on but it would not work. Then we tried Anay’s flashlight but it also would not work. Two hours later Mom found us. “Oh my goodness where have you been,” Mom asked “Dad and I have been worried sick.” Then I said, “Our flashlights aren’t working and we couldn’t find the right path back to camp.” Then mom said, “Here let me try them.” So mom tried them and they also did not work, then all the sudden her flashlight turned off. “Huh, that’s funny,” mom said “I put in new batteries in before I left to find you.” Then Anay started crying, “Will we ever get back?” Then mom said “Of course sweetie. Here, let me call dad. He will find us.” Then mom’s phone died.
“Mom,” I said, “what should we do? Should we use the emergency camping kit in our hiking bag and go to bed? It’s getting late.” Then mom said, “Yes. Yes we should. We can find the right path in the morning.’’ So we set up our sleeping bags and had some trail mix with water, from our hiking bags. Then Mom said, “Good night Jessie. Good night Anay.” “Good night mom.” Anay and I said together
The next morning I woke up before everyone else. I had realized during the night that I could fix this problem just by finishing the story. I began to finish my story by writing that Mom and Sally woke up and they needed food but they were out of trail mix and water because they didn’t pack much. While they were packing up the gear Dad showed up with some water. Mom, Sally and Millie followed him back to camp. When they got to camp Dad cooked breakfast for them all. It was the best camp meal ever.
After they finished eating Dad asked “ Do you girls want to go on a hike to the waterfall?” at the same time Mom, Sally and Millie yelled “NO!”  Sally said “Let’s go home I have had enough adventures for one weekend.”
Just as I had finished writing the story Mom and Anay woke up and started to pack up the gear when Dad walked up. I was so relieved to see him. When we went got back to camp Dad made breakfast but before he could ask about going on a hike I asked “Dad, since Anay, Mom, and I had a crazy night can we go home please?”
Dad said, “You bet, who wants to stop and get ice cream on the way home?”
While we were loading the car I thought to myself “What just happened?”

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